WOD for Sunday, Apr 26, 2020

Sunday 26.4.2020

Run / Row

4 x 1500m. / rest 2:15min

Keeping the same pace – about 2 second faster 500m average pace than in your 5k test. If you didn't do the 5k test, go with hard but sustainable pace. Not all out!!

5 Rounds
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Alligator Rolls
10 Arch Rocks
1 minute Rest

Rest 1 minute between each round. Repeat 5 times. The score will be total time it takes to complete all 5 rounds including each rest period.


CrossFit Espoo VS CrossFit 10K VS CrossFit Herttoniemi push up comp. Which gym gets most reps in a week!?

Write down how many push ups you did today. Do them right and with a good technique even tho this is a comp. Scailing is allowed if needed.

Movement standard

How to scale: