WOD for Wednesday, Jul 07, 2021

BMU / C2B / Pull-up progressions

Do one max effort unbroken set of the movement you choose. You have 5 minutes for this.

After that, we will do around 300% percent against time. But if you can do a lot of pull-ups, C2B's or BMU's, then your limit for the againt time are:

Pull ups / c2b 50
Muscle ups 30

If you can't do bodyweight pull-ups yet, use the time for strength practicing pull-ups with a suitable scaling (the coach will give you options).

Upperbody accessorries

4 x
10 Strict shoulder press
10+10 DB bench press
10+10 DB Bent over row


4-8 single le v up
4-8 v up
4-8 tuck up
4-8 sec hollow hold