WOD for Sunday, Dec 01, 2019

Chin-up a bit more

Chin up or parallel grip chin up 6 x 6-8

Kinda like "the floor is lava"

5 rounds for time:
– 12 double db/kb push presses 45/35lbs
– 60m farmers walk

The twist: Every time you drop db’s/kb’s do** one wall climb**!

Both movements are done with the dumbbells. Do not choose a weight you can go through the whole thing non-stop without any wall climbs.

The timecap is 12 minutes.

WOD for Tuesday, Nov 26, 2019

3-Position Power Cleans

6-8 x 3-position power clean
– hips, above knee, floor

For quality stuff

3-4 rounds
– 10-15 band pull aparts
– 3-5 plank walk out

A red rubberband is good for the band pull aparts.

Imperial Extra Core Workout XV

3 rounds of
– 20 Hollow swims
– 20 Hollow rocks
– 10-20 Hollow holds
– Rest as needed between movements and rounds.