WOD for Saturday, Nov 28, 2015

Ring skills

Practice MU/ring skills for 20 min:

  • If you can’t do 8 strict pull-ups: 10 minutes to do 5 x 5 strict pull-up or inverted barbell row (no band-assisted pull-ups). Then, practice 10 minutes ring support hold (the top position of a dip)
  • If you can do 8 strict pull-ups: MU practice.
  • If you master MU also when tired: practice strict MU for 10 min. Then, 5 rounds 2-5 MU every 2 minutes. Try to do one MU more per round than 31.10.

Skin the cats, wall climbs, pistols and DUs

For 15min

  • 1 skin the cat or muscle-up
  • 2 wall climb
  • 3 + 3 pistol squats
  • 30 DUs

This is not an amrap. Keep your pace conversational.

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