WOD for Tuesday, Jan 12, 2016

Upside down

For 10 min:

  • If you are afraid of doing a handstand against wall or can’t go to the wall in a controlled way: practice headstand.
  • Solid work with handstand against wall: practice free handstand or handstand walk.

For 10 min, choose one from below:

  • 5×6-8 dumbbell press with a 3 sec pause at the top. Push your shoulders up during the pause.
  • 5×15-45 s handstand hold facing the wall. Push your shoulders up. If you get tired and can’t push all the way up, it’s time to rest. Try to keep the time constant for all sets.

Compare your result to 12.11.2015. Try to get one more rep/use bigger dumbbells/spend a few seconds more in the handstand.


20 min AMRAP:
* 2 muscle-ups
* 4 handstand push-ups
* 8 kettlebell swings, 2 pood/32 kg

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