WOD for Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016

Kipping practice

Practice kipping for 15 min:

  • Can't do a strict pull-up? Focus on T2B/K2E kipping. Practice active hang for a few minutes. Then move to kipping (hollow/arch). If you can do kipping with controlled movement, start raising you feet higher and higher. Don't try to instantly get the full range of motion, find the rhythm first. If your hands get tired from hanging, you can do a few sets of 10 of challenging ring rows.
  • If you can do strict pull-ups, but kipping needs practice: Active hang -> hollow/arch kipping -> kipping pull-up – spend 5-10 minutes and then train T2B/K2E
  • If you can do kipping and strict pull-ups: practice bar muscle-up or do 5x max reps of bar MUs

Rowing, back squats and DB snatches

Two ten minute rounds:

  • 1000m row
  • 20 back squat @ 100/65
  • 40 db snatch @ 55/35lbs.
  • rest

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