WOD for Thursday, Mar 17, 2016

Hand-stand push-ups

HSPU practice for 20min:

  • Mastering kipping: 14 min e2mom: 5-10 kipping handstand push-ups. Use abmats or go negative if necessary. Try to maintain the same number of reps in each round.
  • Good handstand, but kipping is difficult: practise kipping HSPU.
  • Difficulties in going to the wall: Practice wall climbs and do a few sets of 8 seated db presses to accumulate strength.

Air squats, hang power cleans and rowing

For time:

  • 30-30-30-30-30 air squat
  • 2-4-6-8-10 hang power clean @ 80/55kg

cash out: 1000/800m row


Deload week, not too much heavy stuff to let nervous system to recover


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