WOD for Wednesday, Jun 03, 2020

Back Squats

1 x 5 @65% of 90% 1RM
1 x 5 @75% of 90% 1RM
1 x 5+ @85% of 90% 1RM

*If you don’t know your 1rm try to guess it with your coach. You can also warm up to heavy single and count from that. Warm up for work sets can be: 40% x5, 50% x5 and 60% x3 and those should be done in 10 minutes. Work sets performed every 3 minutes. The plus mark in the last set means you will do as many reps as you can with a solid technique but you should get at least 5.


5 x 3 minute on / 1 minute off
Starting every round with a 200 m run
Followed by amrap of
8 DB snatch
6 DB goblet squat
4 burpees over DB

DB @22.5/15