WOD for Saturday, May 28, 2022

Clean & Jerks

Find today's technical heavy in 10 minutes:

1 clean + 1 split jerks


6 x Every 1,5 min 1 x clean and split jerk, but with around 10-30% smaller weight, depending on how heavy your today's technical heavy was.


For time

Hang power clean
Push Jerk
Bar over Burpee

RX 50/35 kg
Scaled 35/25kg

Timecap: 15min

So, in the first round you do 10 hang power cleans and 10 push jerks and then 1 bar over burpee. On the second round you do 9 hang power cleand and push jerks and 2 bar over burpees. In the final round you do 1 hang power clean and push jerks and 10 bar over burpees.