WOD for Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thursday 28.5.2020

At the Gym

Gymnastics skills
4 rounds for quality
30 sec Handstand walk / Shoulder taps in a wall facing handstand hold or plank
10-20 Kips at bar / Pull ups / Chest to bar pull ups
*Rest as needed. This is not a metcon.

Shoulder press
5 x 5
*Go by feel with weights – no need to go heavy! We will start a new progression for these next week so try to see how it goes now. Perform a set every 2 minutes

3 x
10 Back flies
20 Hollow rocks
10 Lateral raises
20 Single leg V ups
10 Front raises
20 sec Hollow hold
*Rest as needed


1. Pistol squats
2. Sit ups
3. Hspu
4. Hollow rocks
5. Chair step ups
6. Arch rocks
7. Push ups
8. Air squats
9. Mountain climbers
10. Burpees

*Work consistently for about 40-50 sec. In some movements you might need a little break in between that time so no need for going unbroken in everything.