WOD for Monday, Oct 19, 2015

Kipping practice

  • Can't do a strict pull-up? Focus on T2B/K2E kipping. Practice active hang for few minutes. Then move to kipping (hollow/arch). If you can do kipping with controlled movement, start raising you feet higher and higher. Don't try to instantly got the full range of motion, find the rhythm first.
  • If you can do strict pull-ups, but kipping needs practice: Active hang -> hollow/arc kipping -> kipping pull-up – spend 5-10 minutes and then train T2B/K2E
  • If you can do kipping and strict pull-ups: 14 min: odd minutes 5-10 pull-ups, even minutes: 5-10 T2Bs.

Push press

For 18 minutes

  • e2mom 7 push press

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