WOD for Saturday, Oct 10, 2015

2 x front squat + 2 x jerk

For 20 minutes:

  • 2 x front squat + 2 x jerk

"A complex fitness test"

Start a running clock for 20min

Do one complex of
– 5 power clean 60/40kg
– 5 shoulder to overhead
– 5 back squat
rest exactly one minute between complexes


  • everybody starts with the given rep scheme
  • you may not scale the weight during this exercise
  • you may not rest the bar on the ground during a complex (not even re-grip)
  • when you fail to do the complex with 5 reps of each movement, rest one minute and do your next complex with 3 reps each (3+3+3). Continue with this rep scheme until you can’t do threes anymore. Then, move on to ones (1+1+1).
  • if you are unable to start the next complex of ones after EXACTLY one minute, it terminates this exercise
  • your score is the amount of 5 rep complexes + reps from sets of threes and ones (for example 6 complexes + 32reps)
  • have fun

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